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Drum Cigarettes

Drum tobacco – The exercise of smoking with pleasure

Most smokers enjoy branded tobacco but very little know the history of the brand. Too bad as it could help us understand where the manufacturers are coming from with their inventions. Drum is a Dutch brand that was first introduced in 1956. The famous Douwe Egberts corporation stood behind its success at that time. A fine-cut hand-rolling tobacco piece brought Douwe Egberts popularity among smokers.

Years later Douwe Egberts was purchased by Sara Lee Corporation which sold Drum to the current British producer – Imperial brands.

Drum has become available in 2 versions due to discontinuation in the US. The smokers claim the tastes are different as the methods of curing differs

Halfzware (known as half-strengths) usually indicates a combination of dark Kentucky burley and bright Virginia tobaccos. Imperial also produces Drum in gold (blonde) and light (mild) varieties.

Despite the fact that Drum is highly demanded on the US market, the competition there is also strong.

The two versions of Drum are made in different locations and have different sensory properties.

Lucky for you the company made sure smokers could try 2 types of Drum – the European version is barrel-cured in the Netherlands using a centuries-old process, while the American version is made at the Top Tobacco factory in North Carolina.

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