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IQOS HeatSticks

IQOS HeatSticks Cigarettes

Heets - the new trend of electronic tobacco heater

Most experienced vapers, having tried the original vaping, eventually, switch to Heets or HeatSticks. Tobacco corporations have long been working to create a new alternative to e -cigarettes. The creators wanted that, when receiving a dose of nicotine in the body, the vaper harms his body in a less degree and does not carry the threat and discomfort to others. And this was destined to happen!

On the way to creating a less harmful alternative to smoking, electronic cigarettes first appeared. Now it is the era of Heets! Heets are electronic cigarettes, that is, they are vaped without the aid of fire. The device does not burn, but heats the tobacco, highlighting the nicotine fumes that a vaper needs. This electronic device was developed in Philip Morris laboratories to replace natural cigarettes. Philip Morris International presented the lineup of HeatSticks in an impressive design to the public.

So, Heets made it into history as a new trend in an electronic tobacco heater. In tobacco heating systems (heat-not-burn tobacco product, HNB), the temperature below that at which the contents of ordinary cigarettes are burned is used. As a result, smoke is released that contains nicotine and other chemicals.

If, when smoking, you drag in pure tobacco, without any filtering agents, its taste will be very bitter and disastrously tasteless. When vaping sticks, a certain interval is maintained, puffs are made slowly, and even with an increase in the burning temperature, the taste of tobacco does not deteriorate. The filter mouthpiece is provided in the sticks - a small space is left in its upper part, which contributes to the cooling of smoke.

There is nothing complicated about applying sticks. Just a few steps to start vaping! It is necessary to insert a stick into the holder, turn on the button on it and hold it until the flashing green light comes on. This signal indicates that the tobacco heating system is working and is ready for operation. One refueling takes 6 minutes for the operation of the device. After the device is finished, pull the cap up and take the used stick out of the holder. Buying this product, you choose a completely new type of vaping, more simplified and enjoyable! Order HeatSticks to experience the unknown experience!

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