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Marlboro Cigarettes

Marlboro Cigarettes - the cigarette sales leader

Marlboro cigarettes are known worldwide and are top and best selling tobacco product. This brand is owned by Philip Morris International (former member of Altria Group). The cigarettes that are made on PMI factories are sod basically in all countries of the globe. The history of this company starts in 1847 when Mr. Philip Morris opened a single shop in London, UK. Marlboro brand was presented in 1924 and still is a premium class product. This brand was initially designed for women, but it gained popularity and the company began focusing on men. The famous Cowboy campaign made this brand the forth selling one during those times. At present Marlboro is the cigarette sales leader and is well known and purchased globally.

The leadership in sales proves the great tobacco quality that delivers good flavor while smoking. Nevertheless, Marlboro cigarettes made in the past were significantly stronger than at present.

Marlboro cigarettes represent popularity, deep flavor, great design and tobacco quality. This brand proved to be successful throughout generations.

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