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Esse Cigarettes

Lower amounts of nicotine are found in Esse Cigarettes.

This brand is a high-end product manufactured by KT&G Tobacco Company, a leading Korean company, famous for its attempts in reducing the amounts of chemicals in tobacco smoke, by the implementation of new technologies of tobacco growth and processing.

Tobacco found in ESSE cigarettes is carefully cultivated and blended with special organic agents for a clearer taste and flavor.

This brand comes in the Super Slim cigarette category, all flavors are 100mm long and 5mm wide, suggesting refinement and luxury. The modern filter systems provide lower amounts of tar and nicotine, being a choice of women-smokers who opt for a low-tar, fancy cigarette type.

You have a unique choice to try this cigarette brand, sold at a reasonable price in our web store. A rich selection of ESSE cigarettes ranging from cool ESSE Super Slims to ultra-light ESSE Super Slims Field, and from fresh ESSE Super Slims Menthol to subtle ESSE Super Slims Special Gold is available to our customers.

You will be amazed by the incredible sensations the ESSE brand has to offer.

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