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LD Cigarettes

LD - Russian trace in the history of tobacco industry

LD is short from Liggett Ducat – the original brand manufacturer known to be of Russian descent which now belongs to Japan Tobacco. But this is the European version of the cigarettes. The US version is manufactured for JT International U.S.A in Turkey.

But let us start from the beginning. The famous brand was launched for the first time in 1999 and became the leading cigarette brand in Russia very quickly. Then in 2000 was sold to Gallaher Group which we know in 2007 to had been acquired by JT International. From what it know about the original Liggett Ducat is that it was shut down in 2016 for good.

Also in 2016 LD was announced to introduce Red, Silver and Green types of cigarettes to the US market. Green being Menthol was supposed to become the most favorite flavor since the original taste has managed to conquer smokers hearts.

By 2017 LD has already been sold across 51 markets across the world which including Africa, Latin America, Australia and other counties and continents.

Since the day LD has first appeared the brand wanted to let the consumers know that it is all about the quality. Today LD is still about the quality and this is why so many smokers stick with the brand for so many years.

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