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Winston Cigarettes

Winston - the most appreciated cigarettes

Winston is one of the most admired cigarettes all over the world. For the first time these cigarettes were introduced by RJ Reynolds in 1954. Nowadays this brand is owned by JT International in EU.

Smokers who ever tried these cigarettes could not remain indifferent because of its special aroma and smooth taste.

This brand became very popular in Puerto Rico in the middle of the 1980s due to good marketing strategy and discounted prices.

Excellent quality and affordable prices of Winston cigarettes brand has placed it on the sixth ranking in the cigarette international market.

In 1999 Eastern European market offered Winston One brand as a new cheap cigarette. Unfortunately, the sales began to drop unexpectedly and the production of this brand was closed in 2001.

The formula of Winston One cigarettes was improved and they can be found now as Winston White cigarette which have a low volume of tar and nicotine - 0.1 mg each.

You are welcome to choose from a vast variety of Winston cigarettes and find the one that suits your taste.

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