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Gauloises Cigarettes

Gauloises Cigarettes are certainly classy and refined.

Gauloises originate from a Turkish and Syrian tobacco blend. During the inter-war period in France, smoking Gauloises was considered an act of showing patriotism, which boosted the status of this brand to incredible heights. Gauloises brand was promoted by the elite of the society represented by Jean-Paul Sartre, Serge Gainsbourg, Pablo Picasso, Albert Camus, and others.

Gauloises are classy in terms of providing a traditional velvety taste and a chic style, merging the old and the contemporary into a timeless combination.

These cigarettes are organic products manufactured without any chemical substances or infusions, no preservatives or flavoring agents are allowed as well.

Enjoy the best of natural and delicious taste of the Gauloises!

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