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Glamour Cigarettes

Glamour Cigarettes - an indispensable accessory of modern women

Glamour was released by a leading cigarette maker, Japan Tobacco International in 2005. Since it first came into sight, its levels of popularity skyrocketed to such an extent, that it became the first choice of a lot of customers. The success of Glamour lies in the cigarette trendy design combined with a fresh taste and flavor.

It was one of the first cigarette brands known in Europe coming in Super Slim category, providing 100 mm of smoking delight and exquisite quality in every cigarette.

Aside from the slim shape, Glamour cigarettes offer a special smoking sensation, featured by all Japan Tobacco.

These slim and fashionable cigarettes have been referred as an indispensable accessory of modern women turning into a top-rated brand in Europe in only 5 years from the release day. The finely milled and roasted tobacco found in Glamour proved to be worth not only experimenting with, but also becoming one's favorite cigarette brand.

Glamour focuses on the women's flexibility, being produced in 2 varieties: a classic and a slim pack. The new Glamour Menthol and Glamour Pink deliver satisfaction and functionality, as they will fit into any women's purse.

The catchy design of Glamour cigarettes in combination with their superior quality are worth getting them at your door from our on-line tobacco shop. Our discounted price will surprise you!

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