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Henri Wintermans

Henri Wintermans Cigarettes

Henri Wintermans – Cigars for joy, smoking for pleasure

What brand name comes to your mind when you think of cigarillos? Probably Henri Wintermans is the one. Millions of smokers around the world can identify the company by its logo and can describe the taste with the most attractive and pleasant words.

Since the early 1900s the Dutch enterprise has been blending the finest tobacco leaves from as far as Cuba, Colombia, and Indonesia to create small cigars that offer a quick smoking experience enriched by an abundance of aromas and flavors. Has this brought a higher demand to the tobacco products manufactured by the company? Yes, indeed.

The most definite and significant advantage is the idea combination of quality and price. Smokers of different age find it a deal-breaker. The cigarillos are rather smooth but very aromatic.

European market loves them and so do smokers from overseas.

The brand, which has been established in 1904, is still going strong and finds itself on the top of the smokers list.

For some very unknown and yet unexplained reason, Henri Wintermans will mostly sell out on Christmas.

Henri Wintermans cigars need no cutting, enjoy them straight out of the box.

Our website will deliver your favorite cigarillos in a blink of a eye. Don’t forget that we sell authentic original products available almost in exclusivity.

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