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King Cigarettes

King Edward – America’s mildest cigars

King Edwards is the premium quality cigar brand that combines smoothness and tastiness in one tiny roll.

It comes with an all-natural tobacco filler and is carefully wrapped in a natural leaf casing. It would not be called “King Edward “ for no reason, would it?

The cigar is named after England’s famed King Edward VII, who was well-known to sit back and enjoy an exquisite cigar, especially at dinner parties. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

All-natural, they are definitely willing to please any type of consumer. Whether you are rather experience or not, you will know you are dealing with the most professional cigar brand in the history of making.

For anyone who is wondering how the cigars are made we are happy to tell you they are machine-made and come in different sizes and flavors.

Would you try to purchase the from anywhere else you would experience difficulty but not here in our online market.

Our service is here 24/7 to order whatever you desire with the fastest delivery possible. Fresh out of Dominican Republic, the cigars are being sold in boxes of 50 and 100.

“America’s mildest cigars” is what smokers call King Edward cigars. Do not hesitate to order them from here and enjoy the full spectrum of emotions, that no other cigars are able to bring.

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