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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike Cigarettes - gives you the appetite to smoke

Lucky Strike cigarettes were officially presented in 1871 being made of a new tobacco blend. Later they were developed into the cigarettes brand by R.A. Patterson. Lucky Strike is now being produced by British American Tobacco groups and is the main 'opponent' of Camel cigarettes produced R.J. Reynolds. They often call Lucky Strike cigarettes - 'Luckies'.

The popularity of Lucky Strike cigarettes in the USA began in 1920's. They were named the top tobacco product during that times. Their reputation spread overseas very fast and it was being sold over the world.

Lucky Strike cigarettes have the flavor range that varies from super lights to very strong. The pack design is very distinctive. It was initially made in greed color, later changed to white one to appeal for women. The logo on the packs changed with time, but the flavor and the tobacco mix is still good and gives you the appetite to smoke.

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