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Newport Cigarettes

Newport - feel the fresh taste of tobacco

Newport Cigarettes with menthol flavor are one of the most popular brands on the cigarette market. They were designed for those smokers who like the sense of freshness and purity during the smoking process. In the Newport cigarette production is used 0.2mg nicotine, and tobacco of the highest quality, this fact becomes obvious with every breath of mint.

The brand were released by Lorillard Tobacco company in 1957 and since then continues to conquer the hearts of smokers. Attractive package in a traditional green background, implying the minty taste of tobacco products, immediately attracts glances.

Lovers of bold, natural and at the same time a soft mint flavor, made the right choice if decided to try Newport cigarettes. The brand manufacturers realize that people's preferences are different, so they made all their best to meet the demands of any consumer. This brand is an obvious leader among all menthol cigarettes.

Newport Cigarettes are produced in several versions: Full Flavor, Medium and Lights with menthol and without. From June 2010, Newport Medium and Newport Lights in the United States have undergone a certain rebranding and became known as Newport Blue and Newport Gold. Each variety of this brand is sold in 85 mm soft, 80 mm hard pack or 100 mm soft and hard packs. The number of cigarettes contained in a package is standard - 20 pieces. There are also more unusual variants where one cigarette package contains 25 cigarettes.

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