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Pall Mall

Pall Mall Cigarettes

Pall Mall - a different experience, guaranteed satisfaction.

People from all over the world know the four most popular types of the Pall Mall cigarettes.

  • 1.Pall Mall Filters - most probably the best-selling variety. These cigarettes have an intense and stimulating taste.
  • 2.Pall Mall Lights - usually preferred by women smokers because of a milder taste and delicate aroma.
  • 3.Pall Mall Ultra Lights - created for smokers who prefer very light cigarettes, but do not want to compromise on taste or flavor.
  • 4.Pall Mall Menthol - most popular menthol cigarettes, suitable for every smoker, but usually preferred by women.

The above mentioned types of the Pall Mall cigarettes are the main ones. There are other types of this cigarette brand that are available in different countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East etc.

  • 1. Rothman's Pall Mall Export - this is a high-end cigarettes brand and this is why it is more expensive. These cigarettes are produced by Rothmans.
  • 2. Pall Mall Ultra Lights 100s - mostly preferred by women smokers because the packs are very stylish and the cigarettes are long and have a mild taste.
  • 3. Pall Mall Silver Famous Superslims - these cigarettes are unique, they have a rather pleasant taste and elegant design.
  • 4. Pall Mall Nanokings Silver - in addition to a compact design, these cigarettes have a wonderful taste.
    • No matter what Pall Mall cigarettes you choose, you can try each variation and have a new experience that will not disappoint. Order cigarettes online and enjoy great cigarettes at a very cheap price.

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