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Van Nelle

Van Nelle Cigarettes

Van Nelle tobacco – The tobacco brand you will find hard to forget

Have not heard of Van Nelle? Then you have probably started to smoke quite recently. Van Nelle has been around for a while and are famous in certain circles for being aggressively strong and intimidatingly unforgettable.

The recipe is secretive. The company has made sure they will not be too open about the process of creation but there are some facts we do know about them. For example it is certain that dark fermented top tobaccos are combined with Kentucky tobacco. Originating from North American tobacco fields and is fire cured on oak wood, Van Nelle tobacco is highly demanded in the high-class society, making it the only tobacco brand that stands out among rich and famous.

Imperial Tobacco, one of the largest companies of cigars and tobaccos in the world is in charge of the product and consider is the company’ price and joy. This roll your own tobacco is very cheap yet premium quality that comes in two special blends: Zware and Halfzware, one being stronger than the other.

If you think that such type of products would not be accessible, you are wrong. The company made it is clear the superior quality of tobacco will not stop people from buying it. Therefore there are plenty of discounts that will allow one to try this type of tobacco at least once.

Our website gives you an opportunity to purchase Van Nelle tobacco and cherish this moment forever!

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