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Viceroy Cigarettes

Viceroy - a representation of international standards.

Viceroy Red, Blue and Silver convey the essence of royalty taste.

The brand was released by the British American Tobacco Company and it has been in the tobacco market since 1952. Viceroy is intended to be chosen by the picky smokers who care about the implementation of the international standards of quality.

The gentle flavor of Viceroy is due to the filter's special composition, the brand being associated with the slogan "20,000 filter traps". Thousands of people of different cultures and ethnicity dive into a new universe of discovery and temptation offered by Viceroy daily.

The attractive pack design, complemented by a delicious taste turn Viceroy into the number one choice in many countries like Turkey, Romania, Argentina, etc.

If you look for inexpensive, quality cigarettes, this is the right brand to smoke. Online shopping offers reasonable prices, and it is a fast method to satisfy your needs and desires.

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